Book Description: Find Your Passion

Discover a deep and burning joy for life that will keep you up at night…

Uncovering your passion is the key to living a life most can only dream of.

I used to get feelings of pure dread when Sunday night creeped up. By the time the Monday morning alarm clock went off, my heart would sink into my stomach.

Every fiber in my body knew I couldn’t do that career for even 1 more day.

Sound familiar?

Yet somehow we find a way to keep going hour after hour. The only thing keeping me awake during the day was stress induced adrenaline and pure hatred.

I now wake up before my alarm clock goes off excited to live my dream. I lay in my bed at night after work and can’t stop thinking about how much I cherish my career.

Have you ever worked harder but felt more energy for life? My family, friends and partner don’t recognize me anymore. Once I had a taste of this life, I knew I could never go back…

I wanted to help my friends and family replicate my newfound happiness.

I tried countless methods and spent tens of thousands in the seemingly vain pursuit of passion. I boiled down all the best techniques into my system and cut out the time wasters.

I read many other books on the subject but could not find a clear, organized formula from someone I could actually relate to.

Many “find your passion” books are all theory and no practicality, or worse, just a list of questions to ask yourself. This frustrated me and only wasted my time.

So I wrote the book I wish I had on the beginning of my journey to finding passion.

In 10 practical steps you can also wake up on Monday morning full of excitement and joy.

In Find Your Passion: Discover Purpose & Live the Life of Your Wildest Dreams, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 biggest secret to unlock unlimited motivation
  • How to uncover your deepest burning desires
  • The common passion myths that are killing your dreams
  • The best way to make your life values and purpose clear to you instantly
  • My tested 11-exercise formula to discover passions that keep you up all night
  • The most effective and detailed way to find your strengths that make you feel empowered
  • Bonus self-discovery hacks to speed up your journey
  • The best way to find your passion is the exact opposite of what society taught us
  • How to take the well-calculated leap into your new passion while crushing all fear and doubt
  • Simple and bite-sized actionable steps at the end of every chapter

… and much more.


It doesn’t matter if you just graduated from school, are 15 years deep in your career or a striving entrepreneur. You can find your burning desires even if you are unhappy with the degree you chose or can’t imagine leaving your current life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been unemployed for 10 months and don’t remember the last time you left the house.

Even if you are up to your eyeballs in student loans, have 4 kids, a mortgage, and work 60 hours a week, discovering a life of pure joy is possible. It is never too late to find your purpose.

I already laid the formula out for you. I am not telling you this journey will be easy, but without this book your journey to happiness will take longer.

The irony of life is the longer we live the quicker it seemingly whizzes by.

Don’t waste another single moment being unhappy.

You deserve a life of passion.

Take action today and never experience regret again.

If you’re ready to feel a deep burning joy for life, then scroll up and click the “Buy now with 1-click” button.

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