Book Description: Would You Rather Joke Book

200 unique, mind-boggling, hysterical, and tummy tickling questions that can instantly turn even the most bored, solemn child into a laughing ball of joy…


Do you often find your kids glued to their screens instead of bonding as a family?

Have you ever told them to take a break from their electronic devices only to watch them sit in painful boredom?

Do you want to grow a tighter bond as a family?

A study by Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscientist, Pedro C Marijuan, shows that laughter can deepen the “social bond” between family and friends.

This is no laughing matter.

Grow closer to your kids, or grandkids by giving them uncontrollable laughter.

Here is just a small fraction from what you will get from, Would You Rather Game Book for Kids: Gross Edition:

  • Transform even the most boring afternoon into a side splitting laughter session.
  • Develop your child’s critical thinking skills by asking them thought provoking questions. You may be surprised at their answers and thoughtfulness.
  • Be the fun parent or grandparent that the kids love.
  • Enjoy watching the look on your kid’s face while you read them these insane questions.
  • Be the hero of your child’s birthday party or sleep over.
  • Give your family hours of brain-tickling, tummy-fluttering, and heart-pounding fun.
  • You can have your child hysterically laughing even if they hate books without the side effects of laughing gas.
  • Distract your children from drama and instantly turn the mood from heavy to hilarious!!
  • Help break the ice and spark conversations between even the shyest members of the family.
  • A very useful tool for teachers to shift the focus of a classroom from drama to laughter.
  • Can be used as an incentive to get your kids to finish their chores quicker.
  • Helps keep even the most fussy child in your family happy and giggly while on a road trip or at a restaurant.

And much more.

Unlike many other joke books our questions are unique, mind bending and outrageous.

You are guaranteed to never have heard them before.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, grandparent or teacher.

You can have your child laughing so hard it hurts, to the point where they are begging you to stop even if you’re as bland as a doorknob.

Intergenerational conversations can be bland or repetitive. Use these easy-to-understand questions to Spark outrageously hysterical conversations between all generations in your family.

According to the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University, playing as a child helps them develop their creativity, imagination, as well as cognitive and emotional strength. 

More and more children than ever are missing these benefits from being on their screens.

Instead of forcing your kids to put the electronic devices down, have them want to by playing this game with them and watch the giggling ensue.

As you know, the window you have to grow your family bond is shrinking.. 

Act now before your chance to deepen your relationship gets harder.


If you want to be the hilarious hero of your next family fun night, road trip, or birthday party, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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