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With half a decade of experience in Email List Management & Direct Response Copywriting, I discovered one mindboggling secret..

Anyone can write emails that get high open rates..

But listen, if your writer doesn’t understand emotionally driven copy,  you are throwing wads of cash in a blender.

Real copywriting is about hooking your readers, and showing them how your product will solve their deepest pain points.

Whether you run a B2B, or B2C business, I will convert more of your email list subscribers into loyal raving customers..

And give you more of those moments..

You know the “Oh my gosh, we increased our sales by 20%!” type of moments.

Let’s chat about how I can help.

“Christian is one of my go-to copywriters. I know if I send him work, he’ll give back a great piece and I won’t have to make any revisions. Time and time again, he has proved to be a reliable copywriter to work with. He’s always on time. If you are looking to have actionable and detailed copy written for your business, hire Christian. Period.”
brandon leuangpaseuth copywriter
Brandon leuangpaseuth
Content Marketing Agency President & Copy Chief

My email List cash extraction system

In-Depth Research

I use special techniques to get inside the head of your customers, push their emotional buttons, and get them to buy your offer.

Deadlines are Sacred

I have never missed a deadline.. and never will.

Endlessly Creative

I never run out of ideas to get your subscribers to buy again and again..

High level strategy

Doesn't matter if you have an active list of 100k or a 10k one you haven't emailed yet. I create strategies that will extract the profit from any list over 10k.

Copy that Engages

I use hook and tease tactics to grab your readers by the eyeballs until they click my calls to action.

More Conversions

I pad your pockets with cash by solving your subscribers' deepest darkest fears with your products.

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Clearwater, Florida, USA

“Explosive creativity is what comes to mind when I think about Christian and his work. I've had the pleasure of working with Christian for the past month, during which he helped me completely revamp my website's copy and branding. Above all, I was really impressed with his attention to detail and the creation of actionable, manageable steps to grow my business. Christian would truly be a huge asset for anyone looking for copy for their business. I'm still working with Christian, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”
Simple Nguyen Marketing
An Nguyen
Owner of Simple Nguyen Digital Marketing Agency