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Stop cooking at home to save money

If you’re an entrepreneur stop doing THIS

Read this if you’re an entrepreneur

Why cooking at home is making you broke

Entrepreneur? Stop doing this

Cooking at home is making you go broke




Cooking at home to save money is wrong..

Dead wrong.

I know I’m trampling on sacred ground here..

But I think you’ll agree with me when you hear why I say this.

Now before you judge me..

I was the king of saving money by cooking..

I ate plain brown rice and chicken breast for 5 years all day every day..

You heard me right..

No seasoning and ultra dry.

You see, I was saving money to pay off my student loans..

I calculated that I could eat as much as I wanted for only $200 a month..

The truth is that mindset was keeping me broke.

Nowadays instead of spending 30m a day cooking..

I get my food delivered to me while I work on my computer..

By spending $600 a month, I am actually making an extra $900 a month.

Because instead of spending time cooking..

I bought a course with a credit card and learned a high income skill.

Now I get paid while someone cooks my food..

So instead of losing $2 at meal time, I make $40.

See what I mean?

Again nothing against cooking at home.

I know many people find it pleasurable.

I realize this advice may not apply to you..

But if you’re looking to make money from your laptop..

This could be the best decision of your life.

Anyways, I just finished my chocolate strawberry smoothie bowl and need a walk in the sunshine.


Catch you later,

Christian “Stop cooking” Davis

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