Contrarian Email: Finance – Against Dave Ramsey

Subject line: Why Dave Ramsey is wrong




Dave Ramsey is wrong.

Dead wrong.

I know I’m tramping on “sacred ground” here..

But I think you will agree with me when you hear why I saw this. (I’m still a big fan of Dave, but nobody is perfect and he is simply wrong).

Here’s the scoop:

Dave is all about saving up your pennies and getting a second job to pay off debt.

He says to cook at home and only eat rice and beans..

Even going as far to say to never step foot into a restaurant unless you are the waiter..

Meanwhile, he makes all his money from being a content creator, author, and entrepreneur..

The truth is, his advice works for normal folk, but for the savvy entrepreneur he’s just plain wrong.

So instead of avoiding debt like the black plague..

I bought a course (on credit) that allowed me to raise my rates from $3 an hour to $50 an hour in 2 months..

Which gave me the tools I needed to pay off the debt and make more than I ever thought possible.

See what I mean?

So instead of worrying about never going into debt..

Try investing into something that will help you make more money..

Again, nothing personal against Dave.

But someone’s got to stand and tell it like it is.

Anyways, I have a copy mastermind to fly off to. (I paid for it on credit.)

I’ll make the money back from meeting a new client there.


I’ll catch you around,

Christian “Go into debt” Davis

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