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Subject 1: Laughing at lightning

Subject 2: #1 hack to not let sideways rain ruin your next adventure

Subject 3: Read this if you let sideways rain ruin your adventure



Yesterday I was running through some ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico..

I straight up felt like Indiana Jones.

We were overlooking this grand view of the turquoise Caribbean sea.. 

The view took my breath away..

Everyone was having a blast, smiling and laughing..

Until a fierce tropical thunderstorm rolled through.

Immediately, there was a 100 tourist stampede trampling each other to find shelter from the sideways rain.

As my friends ran and hid, I realized one thing..

Within 5 minutes, I had this whole slice of paradise to myself.

No more did I have to wait in line just to get photos and enjoy the breath-taking views.

I threw my arms up, then shouted and laughed with joy.

Right then a crack of lightning pierced the sky..

All my friends were watching in horror from under a tree.

I probably looked scary as hell.

But the truth was I felt free as a bird.

There was no danger from the lightning because I was hidden under the stone ruins.

After the rain stopped, someone asked me why I wasn’t bothered by the rain.

I was happy because the mosquitos stopped biting, the tourists cleared, and the scenery looked beautiful in a whole new way.

But above all, I was comfortable as a pig in a blanket.

You want to know my secret?

I had my Woolly Ultralight Merino Wool Neck T-shirt on..

So no matter what the climate threw at me..

I knew my shirt would keep me warm and dry quickly.

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As I watched my friends shiver and curse under their breath..

I was having the time of my life.

This made me realize..

How often do we let our fun get ruined by not having the right gear?

I mean it was a shame really, it the last chance for many in our group to see the ruins.

Now they will forever remember this beautiful view as unpleasant and cold..

So if you love to squeeze every last drop of pleasure out of your adventures..

Give merino wool a shot.

You’ll thank me later..

Anyway, I’m heading out for a cenote diving session.


Catch you later,

Christian “laughing at lightning” Davis


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