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Email 1:


Subject: Discover the secret to greenhouses that last 20 years..




Look I get it.


Nothing feels worse than spending your hard earned money on a greenhouse that collapses in the slightest breeze..


All your time, money, and hard work could spiral down the drain never to be seen again.


Your greenhouse should be a relaxing escape from your everyday life..


Not the source of struggle or uncertainty..


I used to think that 100% weatherproof, rugged greenhouses had to be expensive.


When I started my gardening journey I had problems finding weatherproof greenhouses that didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.


Imagine if someone made a 100% weatherproof greenhouse that could last 20 years, but found a way to source it ethically so you got the best price in all of North America..


Hey Konstantin here…


That’s exactly what I did when I founded My Great Greenhouses.


Over the next week or so I am going to send you more info on My Great Greenhouses and how they don’t even compare to others on the market.


Button: Explore My Great Greenhouse Now


Talk soon,


Konstantin Bystrov

CEO My Great Greenhouse



*picture of Konstantin*


Oh I almost forgot!


As part of the Raindrop M Greenhouse launch, we’re offering our most popular model, the Raindrop M4 for $830 off.. Check it out here.


Email 2: 


Subject: Greenhouse companies don’t want you to know this..




Let me tell you, over my years as a gardener and industry insider I see a lot of things..


Greenhouse companies are taking advantage of you.


You see, they design their products to fail every several years.


They want to sell you as many as possible so they can take more of your hard earned money..


I mean think about it..


There’s less money to be made by selling you one greenhouse that lasts for 20+ years..


So they get creative to cut costs and maximize sales.


Many even make their hinges out of plastic so they break..


This gives them a chance to upsell you and tack on a premium shipping charge.


As if that wasn’t enough..


I even heard a story of one woman running out of glazing tape while she was putting together her greenhouse.


It was required to finish her greenhouse and supposed to come with it..


But she needed a whopping 10 more rolls, and the company charged her an extra $100 just so she could finish her green house.


Back in 2005, you either bought an expensive model or repaired it frequently down the road..


Deep down I knew I could create a greenhouse that could last for 20+ years through even the harshest winters, but for the lowest price in North America.


The solution flashed before my eyes and once I had it..


I knew I could help make the gardening community a better place.


I will spill the beans tomorrow in my next email titled “#1 worst mistake when buying a greenhouse”.


Your friend,


Konstantin Bystrov



*picture of Konstantin*


P.S. Our $830 off sale is still going on for several more days (hopefully my business partner doesn’t find out). Click the button below for more info.


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Email 3:


Subject: #1 worst mistake when choosing a greenhouse



Would you buy a greenhouse that had a ticking time bomb in it?


You see that’s exactly what you’re doing when you buy a cheap, low quality model..


It’s only a matter of time before it goes Ka-Boom and destroys all your hard work.


The scary part? Everyone is doing this.


In 2005 I set out to create the most rugged yet inexpensive greenhouse using my European manufacturing connections.


This way I could pass the savings back into the pockets of my customers.


Then I teamed up with other industry experts to develop the perfect greenhouse using the most durable, rugged, and premium materials.


Here’s the My Great Greenhouse difference:


  • Frames that Last 40 Years: We use thick hot dip galvanized European steel that is rust proof and anti corrosive.
  • Able to Withstand the Harshest Canadian Winters: Our greenhouses are shaped like raindrops so the snow slides off like butter. We also use reinforced polycarbonate covers that can handle insane blizzards and hailstorms.
  • Fortified for Summer: We make our covers 100% UV light proof, flame resistant, and self extinguishing to withstand “fry an egg on the sidewalk” summer heat.


I guarantee you won’t find a better price for a similar strength and structure greenhouse..


In fact, if you find a similar greenhouse for cheaper, we will beat the price by 20%.


Oh and that reminds me..


Our 20% off sale for the Raindrop M series greenhouses is ending in 72 hours.. 


Button: Explore My Great Greenhouse


Warm regards,


Konstantin Bystrov



*picture of Konstantin*


P.S. Tomorrow I have a strange story to tell you about how a greenhouse almost caused a divorce.


Email 4:


Subject: This greenhouse almost caused a divorce?



I know it sounds ridiculous..


But it’s a story that came from one of my favorite online discussion boards from a woman named Sue.


“My parents spent 3 days building just 1 end wall of their greenhouse, before we got a call from them to help. They were in danger of a divorce.” -Sue


Odds are this may be exaggerated..


The point is, many people don’t look into the setup process until after they buy.


But before they realize they bit off more than they can chew it’s too late..


They’re thousands of dollars in the hole and stuck feeling like they are building a house of cards with Elmer’s glue..


This is a nightmare no gardener should face.


Our motto at My Great Greenhouse is simple..


Anyone can easily set up our greenhouse in as little as 3 hours (with the help of 1 friend).


We’ve spent countless hours perfecting the simplest and quickest greenhouse kit in the North American market.


From lowering the amount of parts you need to the bare minimum to our easy step-by-step instructions..


You will have no problem setting up your new greenhouse in a flash.


However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


We also offer:


  • Free Shipping: Anywhere in Canada & mainland United States.
  • Quicker than average ship times: We aim to deliver no later than 4-5 weeks after purchase. Our competitors usually take 12-20 weeks.
  • 15 year warranty: If your unit is damaged from the weather we offer a free replacement or full repair.


We have hundreds of satisfied customers from independent off grid food farmers to casual urban gardeners.


But don’t take my word for it.


“From the durability to the warranties to the amazing prices,

I highly recommend My Great Greenhouse for serious growers.”

   –  Jenn from Pittsburgh


We also supply the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Click the button below to see our insanely low prices..


Button: Explore Our Selection


Your buddy,


Konstantin Bystrov



*picture of Konstantin*


P.S. Our 20% off sale is ending in 48 hours..Not sure when we will be doing this again (or if my business partner will even allow it).. Check it out here.


Email 5:


Subject: We didn’t want to do this…



I wanted to make sure you saw this.


We are offering up to 20% off our Raindrop M greenhouse series for the first (and likely last) time ever.


Here’s the details:


You can get the Raindrop M4 for just $3,320 USD instead of $4,150…


We do this to give back to the community that made us who we are.


Even if it means we could take a loss (don’t tell my business partner).


No long story from me here today. Just a simple and legit offer for you. The deal goes until tonight at midnight.


>>>>Grab your deal here


Talk soon,


Konstantin Bystrov




P.S. Hit reply if you have any questions and we can talk about it. I’ll be answering the emails personally today. We can even hop on a call if you have any specific questions.

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