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Subject: #1 biggest mistake you’re making 


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So I run a copywriting meetup in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico..

Someone there was venting to me about wishing they had more money..

They told me they were making 15$ an hour and barely had enough money to travel or do anything…

I then told them about how I went from making $3 an hour as a writer to $50 an hour in 3 months..

They begged me to tell them what I did and said that they would do anything to make that happen for themselves..

When I told them I bought an email copywriting course on a credit card…

Their whole attitude shifted immediately..

“I would never spend that much on a course.”

Hold on a minute.. 

A second ago, they were telling me they’d do anything for this life.

But they didn’t want to take the risk of investing in themself.

What blows my mind even more is the same people don’t even bat an eye when they take out $28,950 in student loans.. (The average of 2019.)

So it’s not the price that people are afraid of..

The truth is, people are not willing to take risks..

You see, everyone wants to make more money, have a fit body, or love their career..

But the second they have to put their money where their mouth is..

They get cold feet.

The only way to get the life of your wildest dreams is to take risks..

Buy that course.. 

Fly to that mastermind meetup across the globe..

Talk to that cute person in the bar..

If I didn’t take a leap of faith and buy that course on credit..

I would still be living in a ghetto in a third world country..

So next time life throws you an opportunity..

You have two options.

  1. Take the safe route and stay the same OR
  2. Risk it and achieve your dreams

The choice is yours, but one thing is for certain.

The time will pass.

Will you be closer to your dream life or stuck in the same place?

Anyways, I have a plane to catch..

I’m heading to a 2 day event that cost me $1,450 (I put it on a credit card.)

Catch you later,

Christian “invest in yourself” Davis

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