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Subject: The tequila “secret motto” to discovering yourself through travel


Last week one of my friends went to the Sauza distillery in Tequila, Mexico, for the first time.

He told me how the tour does an AMAZING job at my three favorite selling strategies. (I’ll get to the “secret phrase” after this scheduled rant.)

  1. Storytelling – They tell you the story of Sauza from the beginning. They pull at your heartstrings. They CONNECT with you. They humanize the tequila and the company. Instead of drinking tequila, you’re drinking a story.
  2. Entertainment – They make it entertaining in two main ways. They pepper the stories and such with jokes and anecdotes. And they use different forms of multimedia as well as physical senses to engage you fully. They have really cool lights, images, and props.. Plus they let you smell and touch stuff. (That sounds weird out of context.) Which leads perfectly to number 3.
  3. Demonstrations – This is the hammer in the coffin. This is the piece that drives everything else home. The story sets the frame, the entertainment keeps you hooked, then the demo finalizes the sale.

Here’s the thing though… number one and two don’t mean anything if you don’t nail number 3.

How do they do it?

Taste testing obviously. But it’s the setup that really smashes it.

They lay three drinks in front of you.

One on the left is low quality tequila. Sauza in the middle. And another popular tequila on the right.

First is the sip of the low quality tequila. It’s alright.

Second is the sip of the popular local brand. It’s not bad.

Third is the high end Sauza. It’s delightful. They tell you how to taste it… which makes ALL the difference. (Smell if with your mouth open. Sip, let it sit on your tongue. Swish it around then swallow. It’s noticeably smoother than the others.)

Then you go back and taste the others again. Suddenly, they taste like you’re swallowing fire into your chest. The comparison makes it a no-brainer.

It’s like telling someone to rub sand paper and then rub silk. The comparison and contrast changes everything.

So there’s a simple selling strategy for you. Story. Entertain. Demonstrate.

If you ever go to Tequila, Mexico, I highly recommend you take the tour.. Even if you don’t drink.

And now for the tequila “secret motto.”

Or should I wait until tomorrow?

Okay fine I’ll tell it to you now.

Sauza’s motto: Get lost. Find yourself.

Let me explain.

As a nomad on the road, I often run into people who have everything planned so perfectly.

They know exactly where they are staying and even what they are doing for months in advance.

I used to think that was the responsible thing to do.

Afterall real adults always plan ahead.

Or so I thought.

The truth is, nothing can squash a “finding yourself” moment quicker than planning your trip too much.

When opportunity strikes to get lost, you need to listen.


Sorry for the caps, but I thought that was important.

Anyway, that’s how you discover yourself through travel. You learn to love the unknown because it means you are growing.

Alright, I’m done for the day.

I’ve been working for 8 hours in a chocolate cafe in Mexico and I want to hit the beach.


Christian “embrace discomfort” Davis

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